June 30, 2021 Ali Ahmad

3 Ways AR can be used in the pharmaceutical industry

Did you know that AR in Healthcare Market is expected to reach $4,237.60 million by 2026?

And according to another study, more than 50% physicians would like to use AR technology to learn about new treatments and conditions.

AR also known as Augmented Reality has taken the world by storm and is an innovative technology used by several industries across the globe. It is an interactive experience that is enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information.

The pharmaceutical industry is not far behind and is relying on its numerous benefits. Through Augmented reality, the usage and benefits of medical products can be uniquely demonstrated, coupled with the processes of new treatments. AR is interactive and is the need of the hour. With the ongoing pandemic, people are on the lookout for remote learning and work opportunities and with AR this can be achieved to a great extent.

3 main ways AR can be used and be of benefit in the pharmaceutical industry

Reducing Human error

The quality of products in the pharmaceutical industry is of immense importance and there should be little to no error in the process of production. Human beings are more prone to error than technology and that can result in ineffective treatments and severe reactions.

The usage of AR technology can lead to accuracy and minimization of human error. It can also result in a high level of consistency which is integral in the pharmaceutical industry.

For instance, one of the leading reasons of manufacturing scraps is human error, which can lead to massive waste of material. While there can be many reasons of human error, one is the written form of instructions. Instructions written on a paper can confuse the novice workers to make errors and eventually waste of material.

PTC’s Vuforia, an industrial AR solution, uses 3D renderings and CAD drawings to visually instruct the employees by placing instructions exactly where the users need them to work.

Demonstration of products

AR advertising of Xiapex

With AR there has been a complete revolution in terms of presentations and demonstrations.

By using Augmented Reality, a presentation can be given anywhere, and advantages of the products can be shown to potential buyers. AR is constantly keeping up with the digital interaction trends and so there is more chance of attracting customers through it.

An example of such a case is the use of AR in aiding the sales of Xiapex. Due to the The health professionals could scan the page to see the effects of the condition in 3D. This helps the health professionals in predicting the costs and how the treatment would work. In addition, this also boosted the sales of the medicine.

AR technology and treatments


Theramcare AR Heat Map

Sometimes what AR provides is simply a visual interpretation to what’s being conveyed. One interesting example of this case comes from Pfizer in 2017. The top pharmaceutical company used AR in marketing their product named “ThermaCare”. At the point of purchase, the consumers could access an interactive 3D model to pinpoint their pain areas learn more about which ThermaCare product options were best suited to relieve their type of pain.

Through Wonder Tech’s marker-based AR app, one can choose the best treatment for their disease. It is a quiz-based app through which you can take a picture of your illness if there are any visible signs of it. The app will give you options of treatment. You can match it with your disease and the app will tell if it’s the correct treatment or not.

An interactive design interface is one of the many benefits of AR technology and it can change the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry. Instead of in-house check-up sessions, there can be remote ones and in every part of the world.  This can save up time, money, energy and provide safety in these trying times of a pandemic. In terms of pharmaceuticals presentations can be given remotely and that too interactive ones!

The timing is right.

The benefits are immense.

So, more investment needs to be done in AR and it should be utilized in the best possible ways in the pharmaceutical industry.

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