How Motion Detection Makes a Safer Food Ordering Experience

Using Gesture-Based Screens to create a touchless experience for walk-in customers!

The advent of Gesture-based screens opens new barriers! Artificial Intelligence and motion detection not only contributes to the efficiency of production or design but also plays its role in the development of a secure environment. An example of AI’s service to society is a gesture-based screen menu that eliminates the need to touch.

Undergoing the experience of Covid-19, we now realize the importance of social distancing and the role that physical interaction can play in the spread of deadly diseases. Many companies are moving to touchless systems. You can find a lot of examples here.

Now since prevention is better than cure, the motion detection menu is an attempt to manifest this assertion in its own way.

How Motion Detection & AI Secures The Food Ordering Experience?

When a traditional menu is employed for work, it only increases the exposure of people to viruses, bacteria, and germs. Not far from what we have witnessed and still facing its aftermath (Covid-19), we have learned the importance of social distancing and the role that physical interaction plays in the spread.

So, what’s the solution? This may be the time for the similar revolution that changed brought the world from flip phones to touch screens. Similarly, it is now to move past the traditional menu and eliminate the need to touch!

Now, how can we achieve this? Through motion detection. A large display shows you the menu. The customer walks in and starts going through the menu and adding to the cart what he or she needs, just by waving, closing, and moving the palm of his or her’s hand.

Safe for Customers.

Eliminating the need to touch gives Gesture-Based Screens an upper hand over the traditional menus with regards to hygiene. Since the menu is not passed to anyone, it is not touched. Now even if the screen of the menu catches or has some bacteria over its surface, it’s still safe for the people as it doesn’t require them to touch it. They can easily order what they want just by the wave of the hand!

Makes it an interactive experience for the customer.

This is a fun thing for the people! When they enter a restaurant and see Gesture-Based Screens, it’s an interactive game for them primarily and then a thing of functional value.

This means that even if you don’t have any entertaining factor in your restaurant, you can easily add this to give your people a new experience.

Detrimental to transferrable diseases!

Human touch causes a lot of transferrable diseases and bacteria to travel from one body to another. The removal of traditional menus leads to the elimination of these diseases. Customers can come in and place their orders in a fun way. On the other hand, employees can stay safe by delivering the food without getting any indirect physical touch with the customer.

Motion Detection Menus are among several ways in which a restaurant can contribute to the making of a safer society.

Before you go…

The gesture-based screen menu eliminates potential health threats (such as transferrable diseases) and contributes to making a safer environment for the people who come as customers and for the people who come to serve them. By eliminating the need to touch, it achieves multiple goals, and among the most prominent seems to health. However, the motion detection menu adds to the customer interactivity and increases their engagement.

Are you looking to make your restaurant a safe dine-in and take-out ordering experience? We can help you deliver a fun and safe experience to your customers through the motion detection menu!

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