Revolutionizing Industries through the Power of AR and VR

Since the launch of Pokémon Go in 2016, one of the most popular software that uses AR technology, VR and AR have been implemented in all fields of industry—especially waste management and production efficiency. Before you throw away a product or identify a loophole in the manufacturing process, VR and AR technology lays down all […]

Augmented Reality in Pharmaceutics

The issue of accessible modern health care is a pressing one, and as we progress further into the fourth great epoch of technological advancements, one promising solution to this problem is Augmented Reality. Its integration in pharmaceutics can play a pivoting role in boosting the efficiency of medical care and medicine marketing. In definition, AR […]

What is more attractive, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?

Virtual Reality: Virtual reality basically is a computer generated replica of an environment or an image. This technology works in a way in which the real and virtually created worlds interact. This interaction thus takes the user to another virtually created world or dimension that is far from the real world. Though VR has its […]

Ways AR can be used in the pharmaceutical industry

AR also known as Augmented Reality has taken the world by storm and is a cutting-edge technology used by several industries across the globe. It is an interactive experience that is enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. The pharmaceutical industry is not far behind and is banking on its various benefits. Through Augmented reality, the usage […]

The Rise of Gamified Learning in Corporate Training & Development

Training and Development in the corporate sector have evolved drastically in the last decade, as business leaders have identified new ways to engage with and develop the strength of their employees. Calculating the training hours of every employee and then deciding what training needs to be delivered is time-consuming, as well as costly because effective […]