Bain City

A Game Where city planning meets management trainee recruitment.

Bain City: The Fusion of City Planning and Recruitment

Embark on a unique journey where urban development meets career advancement with Bain City, a collaborative creation by WonderTech and Bain and Company Consulting Singapore. This innovative recruitment game seamlessly blends the challenges of city planning with the evaluation of management trainee potential.

Build Your Dream City in Bain City

Bain City invites you to unleash your city-building prowess as you strive to construct a thriving metropolis. Balancing finances, overseeing industrial and residential development, and making strategic decisions are all part of the challenges you’ll face. This is not just another city-building game; it’s an immersive experience designed to assess problem-solving skills, resource management, and strategic thinking – qualities integral to success in a management trainee role.

Your Journey, Your Recruitment Impact

As you progress through Bain City’s levels, encountering increasingly complex challenges, your problem-solving abilities will be put to the test. What sets this game apart is its direct impact on your recruitment journey. Your performance in Bain City will be meticulously ranked, providing the recruitment manager with valuable insights into your potential as a management trainee. Are you ready to build your city and your future?